Opening Reception Jan 25 6pm til 830

Painting is in my DNA. From an early age it manifested itself in a need for self- expression. In pursuit of a formal education in art,  I enrolled at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio  majoring in Life Drawing. After marriage and raising children, I returned to academia  and began studies at Kent State University majoring in painting and drawing.  From that time on, my life has been devoted to the study and understanding of ART.  


As an adjunct professor at the University of Akron, School of Art  (where I taught design and color theory for 23 years) my time was devoted to my students and left little opportunity to paint.  Despite these  time constraints, I managed to create some of my most important (although  controversial) work during this period.   


This most recent body of paintings explores déjà vu themes –themes which have always been intrinsic to my vision but have taken on a fresh look. My methodology employs the manipulation of materials and a ‘’slap-dash’’ method of applying  paint  which creates an environment of potential  ideas which I can then develop into a cohesive statement of intent.  


Also inherent in this soup of paint, collage and accidents, is the subconscious mind lending to my creations the unknown factor. Tapping into the ‘’subconscious’’ (which using my untrained hand  facilitates) allows me to make work that relies on intuition, a mixture of art-historical and non-art resources in order to create funny, sometimes irreverent yet moving imagery.  


Patricia Zinsmeister Parker
B.F.A  M.A. M.F.A 
Kent State University